Cube 13“x6,5“ Snare wrapped beech shell 20mm natural

13“ x 6,5“, gewickelter 20mm Buchenkessel, Tubelugs, 2,3mm Hoops, Dunnett Strainer, offenporiges Finish mit Hartöl + Wachsversiegelung, Bronzeteppich 20 Spiralen, Remo Powerstroke Renaissance Schlagfell und Diplomat Resofell, im DRUMCENTER KOELN antestbereit. 13“ x 6,5“ 20mm wrapped beech shell, tubelugs, 2,3mm hoops, finish with hardoil and wax, 20 spiral bronze snare wires , Remo Powerstroke Renaissance batter and Diplomat resonant skins.

5 Snares in Groove/The invisible drumkit

Cube “Iris“ Beech Snare

Cube 6ply Cherry Snare

Cube “Snow White“ 14“ x 6“ birch snare 10mm wrapped shell

Cube 13“ x 6,5“ Neo Vintage Snare

Cube 14“ x 6“ Beech Snare Amber with black woodhoops

Cube 13“x6,5“ Snare wrapped beech shell 20mm natural

Cube 14“ x 6,5“ Acryl Snare mit Woodhoops aus Buche

Cube heavy beech snare with Sonor Phonic BopKit

Cube wrapped birch snare

CUBE-Personal Drums Birch Snare Drum SNOW WHITE

Cube 14“ x 6,5“ 10-ply Maple Snare Black Onyx Inlay