Jai Es

Drumeo Instructor, Private Drum Coach, Vic Firth Educator and Life Coach. Jai Es is an extraordinary teacher with a message: There's one thing we all have in common regardless of our skill level, and that's our mind and body.

Jai Es

Artists» Jai Es

14" x 7" Bubinga 6-lagig 6mm + Verstärkungsringe Buche 7,5mm x 20mm

spezielles Ölfinish

Hardware Black Nickel, Nickel Drumworks Abhebung+Buttend, Gratung 30°
Puresound Blasters Snareteppich

Felle Ambassador coated Schlagfell und Ambassador hazy Resonanzfell

Jai Es plays a Signature kit made out of Beech monoply/wrapped shells, Toms 4mm with reinforcement rings 7,5 x 20mm, BD 6-ply 6mm with all bearings edges at 45°. The shellhardware features chrome finish, Single Flanged Hoops on snare + toms, and our famous Cube Lugs. The finish is a stunning „White/Pink Sparkle" high gloss laquer. Jai Es uses Remo heads and we made him a special print on his bassdrum reso head. Sizes are:

20" x 15" BD, 8"x6" TT, 10" x 8" TT, 14"x14" FT, 16"x16" FT, Snare 14" x 5,5", Octoban 6" x 9"