Christoph Brandes

Christoph Brandes is well known for his superb music productions crafted carefully in his IGUANA STUDIOS in March. But he is also a very skilled drummer for bands like BIG DICK SEX MACHINE or THRON. His dedication for both performing and producing is unique and we will for sure here a lot more from him in the future.

Christoph Brandes

Artists» Christoph Brandes

Christoph has a huge set-up which will be extended according to his needs concerning production and performance.


At the moment he has the following set-up:


Beech shells 6-ply 6mm with reinforcement rings for bassdrums and 16" and 18" floortoms


Vintage Beech shells 4,5mm with reinforcement rings for 8",10",12" and 14" toms




2x 24“x17" BD, 8“x7“, 10"x8" TT, 12“x9“ TT, 14“x14“ FT, 16“x14“ FT, 18“x16“ FT



bearing edges 45° roundover, cube lugs, 3mm powerhoops, lugs and hoops „Blood Red“ powdercoated, R.I.M.S., brackets, bassdrumfeet, floortomfeet Black Nickel finish

Finish „Grey to Black Burst“ semi gloss, all shells black semigloss on the inside

One additional set of diecast hoops also powerdercoated in "Blood Red"


Heads Remo Emperor /Ambassador clear Toms, PS 3 clear/PS 3 clear BD